Parking Lot Paving

Parking Lot Paving in New Kent, VA

New Kent Paving is a top-rated paving company serving all of New Kent County in Virginia. Our commercial paving contractors have been working in Southeastern Virginia for many years. We have the skills to handle large paving jobs like asphalt parking lot installation and replacement. So, if you need a new parking lot, or want to replace your old asphalt, get a quote from our experienced asphalt contractors. We will make sure it is done right. 

Attention to Detail - It Matters

Parking lots are ubiquitous and something that we see and experience every day. It may not seem like it, but a lot goes into paving a parking lot and ensuring that it lasts for decades. Asphalt pavement is exposed to the elements and heavy traffic day in and day out. To prepare for these stressors, asphalt pavement must be installed correctly, start to finish. Some of the things that our paving contractors take into account are:

  • Grading – Asphalt surfaces must have the proper grade from foundation to final layer. When correctly graded, the pavement will not hold standing water, and will also ensure that rain is channeled away from your building. 
  • Line Striping – The ADA provides guidelines to keep parking lots accessible to people with disabilities and mobility issues. If these guidelines are not followed your business could face fines and not be prepared to accommodate your patrons. 
  • Proper Materials – Asphalt surfaces have many layers. Starting with the subgrade of dirt, then moving up to the coarser base that may be made from gravel, and recycled asphalt. It’s important to choose the correct materials for this layer to prevent the layers from separating under the stress of heavy loads. After this, the layers of asphalt are paved on top. Different grades of asphalt can withstand different types of traffic better. All of these layers must be properly compacted to ensure a smooth and long-lasting commercial asphalt parking lot that will look great for years to come. 

Budget Friendly Options

There are multiple ways to install a solid, weatherproof parking lot on your commercial property. However, asphalt is the most widely used material because it is affordable, durable, and looks great. This makes it a great choice for most industrial and commercial properties. 

Another budget friendly option is asphalt resurfacing. If you have an existing parking lot, but it is showing its age – it has faded to a light gray, has some cracks, or maybe some low spots – then an asphalt overlay may be the perfect solution. If a parking lot has a good base, we can pave a new layer of fresh asphalt over the top. For the best results, first the top layers of the old asphalt are removed through milling, and then a new layer of fresh hot mix asphalt is paved on top and compacted. The result is a parking lot that looks brand new. 

Asphalt resurfacing extends the life of your parking lot, and also improves the look and feel of your parking spaces. Ask us for a free quote today!

Local Asphalt Experts

New Kent Paving works with business owners throughout Kent County to pave beautiful asphalt surfaces they can rely on. When you have a commercial property, industrial property, or road, we know that longevity is top of mind, followed by budget. You want to know how much it will cost and how long it will last you. Our asphalt contractors have been in this business for years. We can offer our expert advice and provide free quotes and assessments. 

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