Parking Lot Repair and Patching

Commercial Asphalt Maintenance in New Kent County

New Kent Paving offers timely maintenance and professional repair for damaged asphalt. Commercial asphalt parking lots see lots of traffic and need to hold up to all kinds of wear and tear. With proper maintenance and quick repairs, your asphalt surfaces will last a long time and be a safe, smooth place for customers and employees to drive on. 

Experienced Asphalt Contractors

Our paving contractors have been working in the asphalt industry for many years and know the best ways to take care of asphalt to ensure that it has the longest life possible. We also know all the ins and outs of how to fix potholes, seal cracks, and repair crumbling asphalt. Our longlasting solutions will improve your parking lot – it will be smooth to drive on, prevent further, costly damage, and also show that you care about keeping things well-maintained.  By keeping your asphalt in good condition, this also keeps the option open to resurface it once it starts to reach the end of its life. If the foundation and subbase are sturdy and solid, pavement can often be resurfaced instead of torn out and replaced.

Types of Asphalt Repairs

Repairing asphalt requires an understanding of why the damage occurred in the first place. We help find the underlying issue and correct it. We want to help prevent recurring damage, and provide repairs that really last. That’s why our commercial paving contractors take time to provide a free assessment and quote. Every asphalt project is different and we want to provide accurate quotes and the best, most cost-effective repair options. 

  • Crack Filling – Cracks that form in asphalt can be classified in several ways. Longitudinal, lateral, alligator cracking, and also by size. For instance, cracks that are smaller than 1/8 inch are usually referred to as hairline cracks, and can be taken care of with sealant. However large cracks should be filled with an asphalt based or rubberized crackfiller that will prevent water infiltration.  
  • Pothole Repair – Filling potholes, or asphalt patching, is one of the most common types of asphalt repair we perform. Potholes often form after freeze-thaw cycles, and can range from very small to dangerously big. Cold mix patching involves filling the pothole with asphalt mix and compacting it. This prevents further water penetration, and also provides an even surface for cars to drive across. Cutting and patching potholes involves a more laborious but longer-lasting fix. First, the asphalt from around the pothole is cut and removed. If more gravel or sand is required, the new base layer is installed. Then, to promote better adhesion, the edges are swept clean. The last step is a new layer of fresh asphalt is installed and compacted. This longlasting asphalt repair method is perfect for larger potholes. 
  • Other Damage – Asphalt pavement that is nearing the end of its lifespan can have many issues. Or other factors can damage your asphalt. Heavy trucks may damage the edge of an asphalt surface. Tree roots sometimes grow under a driveway and then push up the asphalt. Raveling, alligator cracking, and upheaval can be solved by our local paving contractors!

Cost-Effective Solutions

We will never try to sell you a repair you don’t really need. When you do need asphalt maintenance, we will always look for options and solutions that fit within your budget. While sometimes a problem will require a larger fix than you first anticipated, we try to help our customers save money. We do this with quality preventative maintenance that helps asphalt last for a long time, and also evaluating if your parking lot needs to be replaced or can just be resurfaced, and if your parking lot needs to be resurfaced, or just sealcoated! With our many years of experience, our practiced eye can quickly tell what condition your asphalt is in and what service is best for you.

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