Parking Lot Repair and Patching

New Kent Parking Lot Repair and Patching

If you are searching for contractors to repair potholes and cracks in your parking lot then you should choose one who knows the reasons behind these cracks and potholes. Actually, the concrete surface of your parking lot experiences cracks and potholes with time due to the effect of natural elements and the weight of traffic running on it. We at New Kent Paving offer various types of paving services, whether it is parking lot repair, crack fills, pothole repair or parking lot patching, to the businesses as well as residents of New Kent, Virginia. We know the importance of in-time repair of cracks and potholes as delay in repairing them can compel you to rebuild the parking lot very soon. So, you can contact us any time to inspect your site if you want to repair your parking lot in New Kent, Virginia.

Why it is necessary to repair potholes at an earliest?

The potholes on your parking lot can be problematic for you due to two main reasons:

Make the parking lot less safe for the drivers: These potholes become large with time and can damage the tires of the vehicles running over them. Along with tires, it can also damage the other parts of the vehicles including suspension system etc.

Damage the entire parking lot: The water standing in the potholes can damage the foundation of the parking lot prematurely by penetrating through them. Water in the potholes will weaken and corrode the foundation supporting the surface of your parking lot.

So, for these reasons parking lot repair or parking lot patching becomes necessary to be performed as soon as possible.

How we repair potholes in parking lots?

The methods we use to perform pothole repair or crack fills services depends upon the weather conditions as well as the condition of the damaged spot. We use hot-mix paving asphalt to apply a patch at full-depth of the pothole to ensure a long lasting repair. Before installing asphalt and compressing it to repair the parking lot we remove the damaged material completely and repair its foundation, if necessary.

Tips to prevent potholes in a parking lot

You can prevent parking lot potholes by repairing and maintaining it frequently as and when required. You should be particular to repair even for a small crack as small cracks one day become large potholes. You can call us anytime if you see cracks on the surface of your parking lot. Though in-time crack fills can reduce your problem, but if the cracks are sealed in time then it can reduce the cost of overall repair of the parking lot.

The crack sealed by a professional service like us can help you in protecting your entire parking lot. The sealant used to seal the cracks can prevent further damage to your parking lot. It will prevent the penetration of the water and automotive fluids into the foundation along with over-drying it by the rays of the sun.

So, if you are looking for a contractor for parking lot repair as well as pothole repair in your parking lot then you can call us at 804-206-8402 for inspecting your site. We will provide you free estimates for all types of our parking lot repair services including crack fills and parking lot patching etc.

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