Tar and Chip Services

Tar and Chip Paving in New Kent County

New Kent Paving has been in the asphalt industry for decades, and is familiar with all kinds of asphalt services and also offers tar and chip paving. Hot mix asphalt is made of aggregate and liquid asphalt mixed together and heated. It is spread and compacted to make a dark black surface. Tar and chip paving is created through a multi-step process. First liquid asphalt is sprayed on the base, and then a layer of stone is rolled in on top. The result is a hard-wearing surface that has the rustic appeal of gravel, but won’t wash away or develop deep ruts like gravel or dirt driveways.

Advantages of Chip Sealing

Aging asphalt can be rejuvenated through chip sealing. Chip sealing involves the same process of tar and chip paving, but it is applied on top of an existing asphalt or tar & chip road to help extend its life. Before a chip seal project, any large areas of alligator cracking, as well as potholes, are repaired. Then the tar and chips are applied. This helps prevent water intrusion through cracks in the asphalt, preserves aging asphalt, and gives a new surface to the road, or driveway. 

Is Tar and Chip a Good Choice for You?

Our paving contractors can discuss your paving project with you and provide input on whether we think tar and chip or asphalt will be the best option for your property. Tar and chip is often considered for rural roads, private lanes, and long driveways. Both tar & chip and asphalt have their pros and cons. Here are some factors to consider:  

  • Final Appearance – The rock or gravel rolled into tar and chip surfaces remains visible. This allows property owners to decide what they want their pavement to look like. A wide variety of customization options are available with tar and chip paving.  
  • Traction – Hot mix asphalt will have a smoother final surface, but if high-traction is an important factor for you, tar and chip may be the better option. The rough surface of chip sealed pavement results in more road noise. Also care needs to be used when snow plowing in order to not dislodge the gravel layer. 
  • Usage and Slope – When deciding between asphalt, gravel, tar & chip, it’s important to consider things such as the slope of your drive, how much and what kind of traffic will be driving on it, and what maintenance you are willing to do in the future. Tar and chip does not require routine maintenance. Instead, about every 10 years, a new layer of chip seal is intalled.

Where to Use Tar & Chip

Tar and chip pavement can be used for roads, parking lots, driveways, private lanes and more. Most often, chip sealing or tar and chip paving is performed in rural areas – as a long-lasting alternative to dirt or gravel driveways, or to extend the life of rural roads. 

If you are interested in this affordable, and budget-friendly paving option, our paving contractors can provide a free assessment. We have worked on all kinds of properties throughout Southeastern Virginia and are familiar with all kinds of paving projects. We have seen how they hold up over the years and can pass on our knowledge and experience to our customers. 

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